JADANS  has assumed a 100% satisfied guarantee!

Not happy with your order? You can then return the order within 14 days of receipt.


We have department stores outside the country, which means that you can receive some of your orders from abroad, but be sure that our products are authentic and of high quality.

Note: If your order came from abroad, you must return it to our warehouse and bear the return shipping costs. But do not worry, once our warehouse staff has received your returned items, we will arrange a new delivery or give you a 100% refund (minus any storage fees).

To start the return process, just contact us at ali@swiftnine.com.

The guideline for storage fees has been adopted

All products are subject to a refund of 20%, which will be deducted from the total purchase price. Therefore, only 80% is refunded instead of full refund. This is stated in the terms of use for our website.

If you place an order and receive free shipping, but return the product and you are no longer entitled to free shipping, you as a customer are responsible for paying the original shipping and repair costs.

What are reasonable shipping costs for returns?

This is a percentage of the product price that depends on the type and condition of the product at the time of return. Our storage costs are 20%.

If you want to return it, please contact customer service within 24 hours of receipt.

Type of refund request

of storage costs?

Buyer's opinion changes, buyer's apology or price difference.


Buyer refuses delivery


The buyer returns the item, but it arrives at the seller damaged, defective or significantly different from what the seller originally sent.


The buyer receives goods that deviate significantly from his order.

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The order has been returned without delivery

No, but the amount corresponding to the return costs will be deducted.

The products arrive damaged or defective to the buyer.


Buyer refuses delivery due to visible damage during shipment or caused by carrier.

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